10 Weekly Spiritual Habits: A Guide to Cultivation

What seeds are being planted in your child's life today?

We see in our society that we have a lot to navigate and have a lot of different influences that impact both us and our children. Our goal is to come beside you and help your children know who Jesus is and help them grow and flourish in that relationship. We also want to share Jesus with you and equip you to share, encourage, and be there for your children.

We have awesome opportunities that we would love for you to come be a part of to invest in you and your child’s life. All classes will meet at the Recreation Outreach Center (ROC) at 100. W Brin St.




Children’s choir helps children learn about music in a fun environment.

Its music education combined with enjoyable songs and musicals gives the children a focal point to work toward better relationship with Christ.

C4 (Christ Centered Craft Classes)


Craft Room (Recreation Outreach Center)

Children will learn different art skills through different techniques. They will have game time in the gym, story time, and learn more about God and their community.




The Refuge (Upstairs in the Recreation Outreach Center)

Our Junior High and High School Student Ministry here at First Baptist Church Terrell is designed specifically to prepare each student to know and proclaim the good news of the Gospel and to be equipped to share their faith. We believe wholeheartedly that the gospel changes everything about you, including how you see the world around you. We want out students to know and love Jesus more than anything and everything else in their life and to have heart for the lost. Wednesday nights are a time for students to form a life built on the firm foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to follow Him for the rest of their lives and to be equipped to live on mission.

No registration required, come and fellowship with us!


Grace Based Parenting 2: Building Character


Recreation Outreach Center Dining Room

Grace-Based Parenting will help you:

  • Raise kids who can thrive in a hostile culture
  • Instill the six most critical character traits that a child needs to turn out right
  • Prepare kids for the biggest challenges of life—loneliness, fear, temptation, betrayal…
  • Minimize the hassles of parenting
  • Maximizes the potential of your children's future
  • Apply practical lessons that work with your kids


Recreation Outreach Center R102

The Holy Spirit plays the incredible role of both empowering the individual believer and the church—and as we study the Trinity’s third member, we gain a clearer understanding of our omnipotent triune God.

In this six-session series, Dr. Tony Evans leads us on an in-depth exploration of the Spirit’s characteristics, duties, and mission among humankind. Take a closer look at some of the titles of the Spirit and appreciate how he influences and inspires our faith in Christ.