Winter Bible Study 2021

Living With Assurance

Led by Dr. d. L. Lowrie

John wrote to combat false doctrines about the identity of Jesus and how His identity impacted a believer's everyday life. Some questioned if Jesus was fully human and physical while others questioned Him being the Christ. In both cases, sin was minimized. Believers have fellowship with Christ, who is God incarnate. Through walking in the light of this relationship and living in love, they are secure in the eternal life given through faith in Christ.

The focus of this study is on how a person’s understanding of Jesus impacts their daily lives in practical ways. False teachers with an incomplete understanding of Jesus as both human and deity have sought to mislead believers and continue to seek to do so today. Believers will come to understand that they can live with assurance of their eternal life by living in light of their relationship with Jesus.

Led by Dr. D.L. Lowrie. Personal study guides available: $10

Begins in morning worship on February 7 (10:30 am). We will then break for lunch (donation basis) and follow-up with an afternoon session. Then Monday through Wednesday, dinner service will begin at 5 pm (donation basis) with evening  sessions starting at 6 pm. All sessions other than the Sunday morning worship will be at our Recreation Outreach Center (ROC) gym located at 100 W. Brin Street.