Winter Bible Study 2020


faithful to the mission

Led by Dr. d. L. Lowrie

Much like the prophet Jeremiah, we live in a world filled with rebellion against God. We too are called to proclaim God’s judgment against sin and offer the hope found in Christ. Jeremiah served as a prophet during the final years of the Southern Kingdom of Judah. The study provides insight into his life and how to faithfully carry out God’s kingdom work in a challenging world.

Led by Dr. D.L. Lowrie. Personal study guides available: $10

Begins in morning worship on February 2 (10:30 a.m.). We will then break for lunch (donation basis) and follow-up with two more afternoon sessions. Then Monday through Wednesday evenings, we will have dinner serving starting at 5:30 pm (donation basis) followed by evening sessions starting at 6 pm. All sessions other than the Sunday morning worship will be at our Recreation Outreach Center (ROC) located at 100 W. Brin Street.