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@home Family ministry

@Home is a ministry designed to help equip and resource families toward building healthy marriages,

introducing children or grandchildren to Christ, and launching teens as committed believers.

Our @Home ministry helps make these steps easier and more likely to occur.

Explore resources below or visit our @Home Center in the glass hallway on our main campus,

or our @Home Kiosk in the lobby of the ROC (Recreation Outreach Center).

  • Building 

    Strong Marriages

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  • Intentional Parenting

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@home online resources

@Home Online includes two primary sets of resources, "My Family Seasons" and "FaithPath." My Family Seasons offers resources for a wide range of "seasons" a couple and family will go through over the years. This toolbox is designed to help create life-long, thriving marriages that include intentional parenting. FaithPath is specifically designed for parenting, offering resources for parents as their children move through various age-ranges that make them most receptive to specific FaithPath "step" topics.

  • My Family Seasons

    These resources are designed for various seasons of relationship development for couples and families. Categories include Love and Marriage, Parenting, Special Situations, and Intentionality Tools. (If prompted for a password, use "myhome2020".)

  • FaithPath

    FaithPath offers parents resources that are relevant to the age-development of their children. FaithPath's 12 steps are designed to go along with specific birthdays as a child grows, offering milestones along the way for spiritual development. (If promoted for a password, use "myhome2020".

more resources - One Step at a Time

@Home exists to help families become intentional about building God-honoring homes one step at a time. @Home offers resources to help make this easier and more likely to occur.Those blessed with the gift of children and  grandchildren are called to inspire and nurture the faith of the next generation as life’s greatest priority. This can clearly seen in two key biblical passages:  Deuteronomy 6 & Psalm 78.

@Home is Designed to Help You:

  • Create a life-long, thriving marriage
  • Introduce your children/grandchildren to Christ
  • Launch your teens as strong believers

Watch the Intro Video to learn more about the Faith Path strategy, order a parent kit for a birthday milestone your child has reached, or learn more about the great My Faith Box resource kit - a spiritual scrapbook for your kids' journey.

  • Intro Video

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  • Order a Kit

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  • My Faith Box

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@Home: A Simple Process

Step 1

Take Appraisal Now

Step 2

Identify your specific family seasons

(Use "Life Stages" section below)

Step 3

Create an @Home plan for the next 120 days.

Download a Plan