Lord, change my attitude (before it's too late)

New Group Starting Sunday, February 10, 5 pm at the ROC

What does God think about attitudes? Examining examples from the Israelite's journey out of Egypt in the book of Exodus shows that attitudes can affect whether someone stays in the wilderness or enjoys the blessings of the promised land. Learn how to put off attitudes God hates and replace them with those He honors.

  • From complaining to thankfulness
  • From coveting to contentment
  • From criticizing to love
  • From doubting to faith
  • From rebellion to submission

Features James MacDonald in ten video teaching sessions. Led by Katie Baker, Sunday, 5-6:30 pm in room R106 at the ROC (Recreation Outreach Center, 100 W. Brin St). Book cost: $15. Begins Feb. 10.

ethics: How to be ethical in an unethical society

This course is adapted from Dr. Bob Price’s Ethics class as taught at

Trinity Valley Community College. Dr. Price will be leading a spring semester of 10 sessions that picks up where the fall session left off. Sessions will include:

  • Review summary of fall semester
  • Euthanasia 1 & 2
  • Capital Punishment 1 & 2
  • War 1 & 2
  • Marriage vs. Cohabitation
  • Alternative Marriage
  • Alternative Lifestyle/Cloning

Wednesdays beginning Jan. 9, 2019 from 6:30-7:30 pm in the room 204A at the ROC (Recreation Outreach Center, 100 W. Brin St.)

Handout booklet provided - no book cost. Begins Jan. 9.

Winter Bible Study 2019

Revelation 1-3: The Letters to the Seven churches

John received messages from God for seven churches that existed in his day. These were real churches, each facing challenges that threatened their existence and effectiveness. By studying these letters, today's believers can find encouragement and instruction for their church. The focus of this study is to understand each church's context of ministry, the challenges faced by that church, and the instructions given to that church, with the goal of strengthening today's church.

Led by Dr. D.L. Lowrie, this study begins in morning worship on Feb. 3, breaks for lunch followed by two afternoon sessions. The study then resumes Monday through Wednesday evenings.

growing up

small-group discipleship

Discipleship is the process of becoming more like Jesus. It's a journey that never ends this side of heaven. Growing in our faith is biblical,

and it's what our Lord commanded. Jesus told us to go make disciples.

Disciples reproduce disciples.

Growing Up is a small-group discipleship experience that is designed to equip and grow believers into disciples who reproduce disciples. It utilizes a 3-to-1 small group model that equips believers to make disciples of others. They, in turn, can then lead others through the same journey.

Thus, Growing Up is a model of replication for making disciples..

Growing Up is the current discipleship emphasis for our church.

New groups are continually forming as more people go through the process. Groups are gender-specific. If you're interested in being part of a group, or would just like to learn more, contact keith@fbcterrell.org.

Grace Ministries

Our recent addition of programs from Grace Ministries enhances access to helpful online programs for those in FBC.

More resources for what, where, and when you want it.

To access the courses below, go to:


User Name: fbcterrell

Password: 9725241800

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