How to stay connected

    at the speed of life

Reclaim your time together and all the relational benefits that go with it. This group study gives you the tools you need to stay connected as a couple and make every moment together count.

Relationship experts Les & Leslie Parrott show husbands and wives, caught up i life's fast pace, how to reclaim their life together. Your Time-Starved Marriage will help couples not become more productive, but more connected.

Six Group Sessions & Couple Discussions

  • Right Here, Right Now—Is Your Marriage Slipping in the Future?
  • Busyness—The Archenemy of Every Marriage
  • Time Styles—Uncovering Your Unique Approach to Time
  • Prioritizing Prime Time—Maximizing Your Moments
  • Time Bandits—Catching Your Time Stealers Red-Handed
  • Time Mines—Where You’re Sure to Strike Gold

Starts April 11. Wednesday nights, 6:30-7:30 pm at the FBCT Recreation Outreach Center (ROC) located at 100 W. Brin Street, across from our main campus. Upstairs, end of the hall in room 206.