Small Groups

Worship is great. But small groups are the place where people connect and grow together as followers of Jesus. Small groups are where we help "equip believers" for ministry and service. We have several options available to help with various aspects of spiritual growth as well as meeting needs of weekly schedules. (Need a campus map?)

  • Sunday School

    Sunday School is a great place to encounter God as you get connected with others and involved in ministry, wrapped around weekly Bible study. Classes are generally grouped by age to help provide entry points with those at a similar place in life.  We encourage beginning with an age-grouped class that meets your situation, then explore others as needed until you find what is comfortable for you. There is no better place to get connected than through Sunday School, and Sunday connects Bible study to life. Sundays at 9:15 am.

    Non-Adult Class Org Chart

  • LIFE Groups

    LIFE Groups are similar to Sunday School groups, while also being intentional to focus on sharing life together away from Sunday mornings. The LIFE acronym comes from four areas LIFE Groups commit to work toward:

         Living with others - sharing life together during the week

         Interactive Bible study - each Sunday in 2-way dialogue

         Fellowship - gathering monthly in fellowship and ministry away from

           Sunday mornings

         Encouragement - being there for one another in good times and bad

    Sundays at 9:15 am.

  • Discipleship Groups

    Discipleship groups are designed to "go deeper" in study and connection as we seek to equip believers. These are "short term" groups that come together over a pre-defined number of weeks to share in a study together in some aspect of discipleship and spiritual growth along our journey to become more like Jesus. FBCT's current discipleship emphasis is Growing Up D-Groups. We also have online courses through RightNow Media, as well as periodic "discipleU" study groups on a semester basis that offer a variety of topics and areas for growth.

  • Women's & Men's Small Groups

    Men and women each have unique needs. Bonds with others of the same sex in friendships and sharing life are invaluable and irreplaceable. And they're essential when life's crises moments arise.

    We have a variety of events and small group environments for men and women. This includes some regular and on-going events, such as small group meetings, as well as periodic special events.

    We invite you to check out and become involved in some of these groups and events. They're a great place to get further connected and enjoy life's relationships under God's special design of male and female.