Membership at FBC

Membership at FBC is a step of commitment a person takes to join with the mission and ministry of this church. Membership is not required to attend and participate in events at FBC; however, it is encouraged for those who wish to join and serve with us in our kingdom mission to our community and our the world. Every member of the church is entitled to vote at all elections and on all questions submitted to the church in conference, provided the member is present. Membership includes four elements:

  • 1. Be a Believer In the Lord Jesus

    The foundational element of church membership is to be a believer in Jesus as the Messiah. This goes beyond just believing He existed, to trusting and receiving Him as Lord and Savior--the only way our sin can be forgiven and we can be granted eternal life with God. This belief is a transforming event that changes a person's life. Jesus said, "You must be born again."

  • 2. Follow Jesus in scriptural baptism

    In the Bible, those who believed in and received Jesus as Lord followed Him in baptism. Baptism is a way we publicly demonstrate our decision to follow Jesus. It is an outward expression of what has occurred within our spirit; our old self has died and we have been reborn to live forever with our Lord and God. We believe baptism demonstrated in the Scriptures is through immersion in water after a person has decided to receive and follow Jesus. In the Bible, baptism follows this decision very soon.

  • 3. Share agreement with our beliefs

    Someone who wishes to join with FBC should acknowledge substantial agreement with the faith, practices, and covenant of this church. To have spiritual harmony, we must be holding to the same beliefs, particularly in core areas of our faith.

    FBC Constitution and ByLaws

  • 4. Be Received into the fellowship

    An action of the church is the final step to acknowledge and accept someone into membership at FBC. This step is typically at the close of our services and invitation time through a verbal affirmation of agreement and support by the church body to the person who is joining as we celebrate their decision.

How to Join FBC

Our church accepts people for membership in one of the following

Salvation - those individuals who are inviting Jesus Christ into their life to forgive them of their sin and take control of their life and who are willing to be baptized as a symbol of their acceptance of Christ.

Transfer of Membership - those individuals who are already Christians and have a membership in another church where they have been scripturally baptized.

By Baptism - those individuals who have been previously saved but not baptized who are willing to submit themselves to scriptural baptism.

Those seeking membership are generally received during our invitation time at the close of servcies as they come forward to express this desire to the pastor or other staff member. A staff member will be happy to schedule a time to visit with you further about church membership if you desire. Call the church office to schedule a time at 972.563.7561.