July 2 Big Event picnic

Spending time together as a church family and inviting guests to join us is what our Big Events are all about. Join us for a great time as we gather starting at 4:30 pm on Sunday, July 2 at our Recreation Outreach Center (ROC) located at 100 W. Brin Street. We'll have hamburgers and hot dogs, desserts, games and more. Dinner serving will be 5:30-6:30 pm. We'll have things going on in the Dining Room and gym at the ROC, as well as out back on the grounds under the pecan trees. So come join us and bring along a friend. They can have a great time as well.

food - games - fun

Come join the fun! Table games indoors in the cool air conditioning, or outdoor games like horse shoes, corn hole, or ladder ball. Volleyball and a bounce house inside the air conditioned gym as well. Free food. Lots of fun. Why not come? For our church family. Guests. Neighbors in our neighborhood. And anyone else who would like to join us.