Featured @Home Campaign

for January-April


Prayer is important.
The power of God is in prayer.
Families PRAYING 4 Families is about families in our church praying for the families who live around us in our neighborhoods

and community.

About Pray4EveryHome

familiesPRAYING4families is part of our FBC Pray4EveryHome initiative.

This is a collaborative prayer effort involving many churches and many believers to pray for every household—by name. “Pray 4 Every Home” creates a personal prayer list for your own neighborhood. After a brief one-page sign-up, a real-time list is immediately created for you with names of nearby neighbors and a map of your area. You can then pray for five neighbors by name each day.

How do I get involved? It’s simple!
1. Sign-up online as a Praying Neighbor.
2. Your Neighbor list is immediately displayed.
3. Pray for 5 neighbors a day, using the daily prayer prompt and prayer suggestions on the site.

Go to Pray4EveryHome.com

Take 5 for 5

Can your family take five minutes, five days a week, to pray for five families around you?

That’s what “Take 5 for 5” is all about.

Use your “families PRAYING 4 families” calendar to track your progress in praying for families around you. Then report the number of families your family prayed for each week on our Facebook page for First Baptist Church Terrell and include “#fbctFamiliesPraying”. The families that report the most families prayed for each month will receive a prize.

You can download your family prayer calendar to the left, or pick-up one up at the @Home Center. Get one for each month of the “families PRAYING 4 families” campaign (January through April). Who knows . . . you just might want to keep going.